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Submit Your Work

Have a good essay from your undergraduate experience you’d like to share with the world?  Have an excerpt from an upcoming thesis, dissertation, or nonfiction book you’d like to preview?  Think your novel or graphic novel would be great for our readers?

Girls in Capes is accepting submissions to publish in the upcoming months. We are currently interested in the following categories of articles:

  1. Guest Articles: feminist, gender study, race/racism, sexuality, media portrayal (popular culture), blog tours
  2. Excerpts: novel, novella, graphic novel
  3. ARCs for Review: Young Adult
  4. Sponsored Giveaways: Young Adult, graphic novels, science fiction

Any submissions should follow GIC’s content and fit our intended audience.  You can find our mission statement here.  Guest writing is not limited to female writers, but we do like to hear perspectives from people of color, people in the LGBTQ community, and other underrepresented groups.

You may find individualized submission rules below.  Please remember that all work will be credited to and remains copyright of the original author.

Guest Articles

A guest article at GIC is like any other article – except written by a guest rather than a staff writer.

We are extremely interested in hosting blog tours by authors and comic artists.  Contact with the details of your blog tour and what you’d be interested in sharing with us.

If you have not been solicited by the editor to do a guest article, submit a brief letter to with a brief summary of the topic you’d like to write about or have already written about.  If the article is completed, tell us why you wrote it (for a class, to tell off one of your friends, etc.) and if you are willing to work with a GIC editor to edit or adapt the article to better fit our site.  If the article has not been written, please send us samples of your previous work, preferably on other blogs, for our consideration.


Girls in Capes is interested in posting excerpts or links to excerpt downloads for authors with an upcoming book from a non-vanity publisher.  Please use the following guidelines when you contact us at

For fiction: Quote your jacket copy at us and describe in a paragraph the part of the book you want to excerpt. Tell us where you were published and why our readers might be interested in your work.  Include the length of your book as well.

For graphic novels: Graphic novel excerpts will be hosted as download-only.  Attach the cover art for your graphic novel as well as the excerpt you wish to provide along with a cover letter to  We prefer to receive graphic novel excerpts as PDFs.  Explain why GIC readers might like your graphic novel and whether you want readers to download the excerpt from or from a third-party website, which we ask to be that of the artist, writer, or publisher.

ARCs for Review

To submit an ARC for review, please contact the editor at with a brief letter explaining what your title is and why GIC’s readers would be interested in reading it.  Please let the editor know if you are interested in making Girls in Capes a stop on your blog tour.

We currently accept ARCs in the following genres:

  • Young Adult science fiction, fantasy, dystopian, speculative fiction
  • Fantasy adult

We have no preference in ARC type – print or ebook.  The staff of Girls in Capes reserves the right to decline ARCs for genres not on our list based on staffing needs.

Sponsored Giveaways

This section is still under construction.  If you would like to host a giveaway at Girls in Capes, please email to learn how.


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